Application and approval process

The application process consists of the following steps:

  • An applicant submits an application form online on the FluoroCycle website or email or mail. There are different requirements for applications from Commercial Users Type A and Type B; and for Facilitators.
  • A Facilitator application includes an Action Plan.
  • The Administrator assesses the application and may contact the applicant to resolve any issues. The Administrator may also contact third parties to verify information supplied in the application.
  • When satisfied with the application, the Administrator gives approval for the applicant to be awarded Signatory status.
  • When the application is approved, the Administrator invites the Applicant to become a Signatory by forwarding a ‘statement of commitment’ to be signed by the most senior person in the business or organisation, eg the Chief Executive Officer. The intention is to ensure that there is organisational commitment to the scheme and to compliance with these Guidelines and the Signatory Guide to FluoroCycle Branding. This commitment is a condition of approval of the application.
Download the Signatory Commitment documents here
  • The Applicant mails the signed statement to the Administrator.
  • The Administrator responds with a welcome pack that includes:
  • for Commercial Users, a certificate acknowledging Signatory status;
  • for Facilitators, a certificate acknowledging Signatory status and specifying the Category/ies;
  • an electronic template for the new Signatory’s entry in the relevant list/s on the FluoroCycle website;
  • a template for notification of any change of Signatory details, including any change in Service Provider; and
  • a template for annual self certification.

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