Commitments of all Facilitators

There are commitments that apply to all Facilitators and there are additional commitments for the different categories of Facilitators.

A Facilitator is required to meet the following commitments to the FluoroCycle scheme:


  • promote lamp recycling and the FluoroCycle scheme to its clients and networks
  • perform the activities set out in the Action Plan submitted with the Application for Signatory status
  • adhere to the Signatory commitments set out in the FluoroCycle Guidelines and the Signatory Guide to FluoroCycle Branding  
  • provide a signed  Annual Statement of Compliance that self-certifies compliance with the commitments that apply to Facilitators
  • provide annual updates of the Action Plan to accompany the Annual Statement of Compliance.
  • cooperate with surveys that are undertaken from time to time, and with random or risk-based audits, as instigated by the Administrator

Commitments that relate to audits

As one of their commitments, Signatories are required to cooperate with audits that will be undertaken in reasonable business hours and after reasonable notice.

The Administrator may undertake random or risk based audits of the activities of Signatories to ensure compliance with commitments to FluoroCycle. This means that, in any one year, a subset of Signatories are likely to be audited. An audit also includes an assessment of adherence with these Guidelines and the Signatory Guide to FluoroCycle Branding.

In the case of a Facilitator, an audit includes an assessment of the steps taken to implement the Facilitator's Action Plan and a visual inspection of evidence that FluoroCycle has been promoted adequately, eg through publications or reports.

A Signatory who fails to cooperate with an audit will be asked to explain why their Signatory status should not be revoked. An explanation which is either insufficient or inappropriate will result in action that may include revocation of the Signatory status.


To download a template for the Action Plan

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