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The information provided on Signatory commitments comes from two sources:

  • the FluoroCycle Guidelines 2010, the key document for the scheme that sets out how the scheme operates and the requirements that apply to applicants and Signatories, and
  • the Signatory Manual that provides extra detail and helps businesses and organisations to understand what they need to do.  

Where there is any discrepancy between these two documents, the FluoroCycle Guidelines 2010 take precedence.



Who can join? 

  • First consider the advice
  • Then decide whether your business or organisation is a Commercial User or a Facilitator.

What are the commitments?

How do I apply?

How can I get some advice?



What is FluoroCycle all about?  

How does FluoroCycle work?

How do I recycle mercury-containing lamps?

What's in it for my business or organisation?

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